Profit Accumulator Review

Profit Accumulator logo 300x73 Profit Accumulator ReviewI’m a great believer in having multiple income streams. I tried and tested many opportunities online to see if they make money.  Some have been good and some are complete rubbish.

Since joining Profit Accumulator a couple of weeks ago I have already made over £1000 easily and working just 1-3 hours a day on it. Not bad for an additional income huh ? To be honest its becoming quite addictive… if you have not checked out this opportunity as yet you need to click this now before reading any further so at least you know what I’m talking about …


I trust you have Watched the video, read up and done your research and know it’s a pretty good opportunity! The creator of the system Sam Stoffel has done an amazing job with his video and information training, easy to use website and facebook support. The support community is buzzing of people all turning offers into profits within hours !  Sam has made it a no-brainer to anyone who is looking to make money working from just their laptop.

Now if you are anything like me, you may not like sport…. and guess what it simply doesn’t matter. If you like to makes money and are organised and can follow instructions then that it all that is required, you do not need to be an expert or anything like that… and this is NOT a mlm, network marketing or any of that stuff either its simply called matched betting and this system teaches you a loophole that you can access with the right instructions on what to do to make profits by taking advantage of free bet offers that are EVERYWHERE around us !

There’s a free trial currently on offer where I have no doubt you will make more than enough profit to pay for your first months membership which is only a measly £14.99 per month … its a low investment as you could easily be making at least £1000-£2000 profit per month. If you need help with the free trial, just join my facebook group !

Why am i telling you this ? because I believe there is enough for everyone to go around living inside this world of abundance. The question is whether you are ready to take actions to receive it..

If you are ready. I’ll see you on the inside !  :p

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How To Get Free PR

DSC 0036 300x215 How To Get Free PRI put my hands up and admit it… that in my earlier days of business I got hit and hurt hard by thinking “all I needed was some PR” to get my business moving. I saw some results but nothing close to seeing my return on investment. PR Agencies may promise you the world but very few can guarantee you results. What I learnt is that the secret to getting Free Pr is to attract it just like any famous person gets it. Think about it, they do not chase the media the media chases them.

Recently I was invited to a radio interview and thought I would bring my camera to show you that you can get FREE PR simply by building your brand. By building your brand to become a web celeb in your niche you become a person in demand that gets invited for interviews and by using internet strategies you get found, you do not need to approach them. Its a total reverse of traditional methods.  You do not need to spend a penny when you become worth knowing and let the world know what it is you are to become worth knowing for. Heres the behind the scenes of the radio interview..

Build Your Brand By Having Your Own Online TV Show !

Smart TV’s are taking over ! Recent stats show that the amount of time the population spend watching video on the internet is now equal with the time spent watching their television and now with internet TV’s on the market it only makes sense market your business and reach into  your potential clients living rooms by launching your own online tv show.

Recently, I was interviewed by the fabulous Samantha Sutherland TV aimed at young entrepreneurs. is a website that was just launched at the beginning of 2012 and already highly ranked in the traffic results listings with viewers watching from all over the world. Samantha’s launch of her TV channel was the most logical next move after her initial chat interview radio show ‘start up great britain”.

Here is the crazy fun interview :

The interview strategy around having your own tv channel is very powerful in that you get to leverage off from the followings of all your interviewees. With knowledge of video marketing seo you tag up your videos to “piggy back” traffic back to your site. As a presenter you get to position yourself as a leader in your field and also be seen to be mingling and networking with other high players in your field. By offering value, education and insights in your videos you provide good content and also get to build your youtube channel at the same time. If you are not using video in your marketing efforts, you could be leaving a lot of exposure and money making opportunities on the table.

The Millionaire Bootcamp For Women


In the UK we are about to embark upon a massive explosion in women entrepreneur success. Over the past few years  connecting with some amazing ladies online I have witnessed the growth of them and their businesses blooming and Im so excited to see women power explode in the UK in the next coming months.

It was only last year I attended The Millionaire Bootcamp for Women hosted by Stephanie Hale and Mark Anastasi and just by attending the event was life changing for me. Here’s what happened…

I had met a new mentor and friend business guru Marsha Wright, there was something about this lady that I could reasonate with. Her knowledge on business is profound and I am proud to be known as one of her Ultimate Success mentees for what she has taught me about business and brand building has been truly outstanding.

My good friend Marie-Claire Carlyle was also speaking at the event about How To Become a Money Magnet and she inspired me to raise my game.  I spent some time with her at the event and her energy was contagious.

At the event I also happened to be sitting near to  Placida Acheru, someone who I had connected with online but had never met before. In that conversation she gave me an opportunity to speak at her event… and from that moment the rest has been history as they say.

The year has been full of “go” “go” “go” continually stepping out of comfort zones to enter into the unknown which is where the magic happens. Since the event last year it has truly been an amazing journey of growth personally and in business and I’m so excited to be sharing with you my journey to online success and how you too can cash in on your passions online by using video as your main marketing tool.

Just think 2010 I was sitting in the audience, and now 2011 I am speaking on stage with an amazing line up of speakers Gill Fielding, Richelle Shaw, Sandy Forster, Marie-Claire Carlyle, Alexandra Watson, Marsha Wright, Bernadette Doyle, Katharine Dever,  Jennifer Hough, Naomi Sesay & Joanna Martin …its a dream come true. I hope by sharing this with you will make you see that just by attending this event anything is possible.

See you there !


Walk Your Talk

Have you ever smelt that big fishy smell online ? You know the one when some dude is waffling on about something that he or she hasnt even done themselves. What do you sense ? That that person is a scam ? That that person is a hypocrite ? That that person is just trying to pull a fast one ?  It’s no wonder that so many people are skeptical. There is indeed alot of hypocrites online and also alot of  people  who are doing business online that walk their talk too.

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What Makes A Good Website Design ? Warning (Nerdcore lyrics)

I came across this video today and just had to share this with y’all haha

The Poetic Prophet (AKA The SEO Rapper) explains what makes a good webste design

Some really great tips here.

So its time to turn up the volume, nodd your heads and grab a microphone.

Heres the lyrics:

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How To Get Everything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

You know at the beginning of every new year the “talk” is all about goal setting and setting new year resolutions. Well if you want to really fulfill your goals and not it just be “talk” I recommend you check out a book called Goals by Brian Tracy. Inside you will discover that by getting into a habit of writing your goals down on a regular basis (not just for new years) that you will get everything you want faster than you ever thought possible.

Its a great strategy that will not only give you clarity and focus to achieve what you want but to also keep your goals at the forefront of your mind on a daily basis so that you expand your awareness of how to create these goals into tangible results.

If you are a fan of the movie “The Secret” then you will know the importance of declaring to the universe your goals by speaking in present terms. For example I have, or I am so that subconsciously the answers will come to you by taking small action steps to get closer and closer to fulfilling your dreams.

Remember goals is not just about success, you can have goals in all aspects of your life from relationship goals to health goals. Go for ultimate happiness in all areas of your life to create a balanced life. Theres no such thing as you will be happy once you have this or that.

Make 2011 be the best year yet and I truly wish you a very Happy New Year full of abundance.

Dawn Mendonca

Ps. Im planning a year of helping 1000 entrepreneurs this year to online success, to come along for a ride and get an insight into how to be part of this journey together all will be revealed to you by email. Please enter your name and email to the right and we will speak soon.

Economic Divide – Choose to Get Rich or Die Poor

There’s alot I have been working on for next year including speaking gigs, finishing my book and launching a product so lots of things happening… but when this hit my inbox I just had to STOP everything I was doing and get educated.  I felt so compelled to get into FAST action to avoid any future tears. Now, I do not want you endng up on the poor side of the divide either so  I just had to share this with you today…pay attention.

Mike Dillard made an announcement in the summer to explain that he sold his multi million “attraction marketing” businesses and had decided to go focus and study the economy with financial experts to bring his findings back to us as internet / network marketers and educate us on what is happenng right now to save us going through what could be a financial disaster.  Now a lesson I learnt a long time ago is,  if a multi millionaire wants to share his tips with you.. ABSORB THE INFORMATION !! At last the truth is revealed “how the rich captalise on the economy” so this is your choice. You can either learn what to do to secure your financial future now or be plain damn right ignorant and die poor !

This information will apply to you whether your are rich or poor right now !

Mike has now formed a new company called “The Elevation Group” to educate you on money making topics in this economy. Everyone knows its about how much money you keep not how much you make so now is the time to learn how the rich do it with Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group. Mike has put together a short video here for you to take a look at.


This is seriously an economic education that could make life & death difference for you as our currency keeps inflating more, and we watch the world’s economics completely CHANGE in front of our eyes.

It’s GOOD to be in the know….. You will be thankful you did.

Is Personal Brand Just About Image ?

There’s more to personal brand than just what meets the eye.

To go deeper into the core of your brand, look at what your values are, your beliefs and communicate your marketing messages from this place. Its like a religon, stick to your rules ie. stick to your values and you will attract reps or clients to you who share the same values as you do or who choose to work with you because they also respect your values & how you have positioned your brand online.

My values are simple, to be honest, geniune and do business and live life striving for 100% integrity. Meaning I say and I do.  Keep it authentic with who you are. If it is not within your values or core beliefs.. dont do it.

Image alone is like an empty box & people can see straight through it, they are not silly.  You want to be transparent and authentic in how you brand yourself online…that is what’s going to connect other people to you.

It is through self development did I then start to see results, not just in my business but in my life as a whole. Dont get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m some kind of personal development guru but I am passionate about it and continue to work on my self everyday just as much as I continue to learn and implement the latest internet marketing strategies to apply it to my business and share with those who work with me.

Personal development is one of the keys to success that will build your personal brand online to be of consistant value.  If you are just thinking about starting an online business make a commitment today to include it in your journey for online success, have it be a part of your life as your business will only grow as much as YOU do.

To peace, love and happiness

Dawn Mendonca

Ps. If you want to learn more about marketing online then I invite you to be my guest and listen in on our mastermind team next LIVE webinar where you will learn the latest insiders strategies ! Register your place now as we only have limited spots available.. Reserve place for Free Training

I Want To Make Money Online

Are you having this lightbulb moment ?

I had the same one a few years back and it was only a year ago did I take the action to start this particular online business venture.  Yes thats right, business venture.   So on reflecting today on where I was back then to where I am now I felt compelled to write this FREE report  to give you an insight into what it really takes to have an online business and to start to generate an income online.

Download for FREE   pdf I Want To Make Money Online

This report is truly written from my heart. It was my intention not to paint the pretty picture but to give you bare facts and necessary information where you can make an informal choice whether making money online is for you and whether you are prepared to face doing what it takes to have the freedom you derserve in your life.

If there was a shortcut easy quick and fast way to making money online then everyone and their kid would be doing it. Fact is though that anyone really can do it, if they are prepared to get educated to learn how to do it and go on to put in the hard work into making it happen.

Dont be fooled by all the hype out there.. theres lots of it ! If you are looking for long term wealth then I highly advise you read this 4 page report that I have personally taken the time to share this valuable information with you for nothing.

Why ? Well, to be honest Im sick and tired of people calling me with hopes and dreams that I have the answer to help them get rich overnight.  Dont get me wrong, hopes and dreams are good to have but the real responsiblity is down to them to make their dream come true. I mean I can help and advise but I physically cannot do the work for them !  Most importantly,  I certainly do not believe in misleading people  and I know that had I had this information when I first started I certainly would of been more prepared for what life was going to be like for the first three months of starting my business online.

So, I would much prefer to get it all out there, tell it how it is before anyone even tries to contact me. In short Im tired of the timewasters, the quitters. If you are really serious about learning what it takes to make money online working from home having an online business then its time to start educating yourself from now by reading this free report.

To your success

Dawn Mendonca

ps. If you want to check out the presentation that will show you what I do to create multiple income streams that brings me in cash flow so that I can run and scale up my business online. Check this out Multiple Income Streams System .. this is how I do it! 

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